Monday, October 26, 2009

Welcome to my little GREEN Blog

Hello, I am a big time plant lover and this is my all time favorite "book" on plants.

I have set this blog up to share information about the wonderful 800+ page series binder set known as Success with House Plants from The American Horticultural Society . Published by International Masters Publishers Inc.

***Not to be confused with a book of the same name published by Reader's Digest***

Please note that I am not an expert by any means but just someone who is trying to make a space to discuss, share knowledge and information and to help others complete their own binder collections from this outstanding series.

The information here is what I know personally from my own binder set and from the very little I have gleaned from the Internet.

Apparently the set was published 1985 to 1993. It was sold on a monthly subscription basis. Since few people completed their subscription there are many uncompleted sets floating around out there. I have read that the publisher never did a second edition and has no more in stock.

There is conflicting information on how many pages actually make up a complete set.
From the Internet I found this information: "The complete set had 19 groups, 846 pages (cards) of plants, plus additional pages that included a customer's guide, Fascinating Facts for Plant Lovers, plus a Practical Tips Index and a Plant Care Index."
I have also read that there are over 1000 inserts in a complete set.

All I can tell you for sure is what I know from my personal set which may not be complete if the above statement is true.

My set contains 817 pages. This is including the dividers, additional inserts and several appendix pages. The pages are numbered from 1 to 764.

In the process of trying to complete my collection I have many extra pages. They will be available to you to help you complete your collection.
Also, I am in the process of indexing what I have and I hope to share that as well.

If you would like to share additional information on this series please leave a comment on this post.

Please check back often for updates and downloads.


  1. I have a set which goes up to page 846. It is not quite complete, a handful of pages missing here and there.

  2. Thank you so much for sharing all of your efforts in creating the indexes! I recently picked up 3 incomplete binders at Goodwill, and was wondering how I could possibly find an efficient way to find things. I've been an avid gardener for years and I find this set a great resource! I might be contacting you for sales as I learn what I'm missing.


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