Monday, December 28, 2009

1190 pages and counting

I just recently came into some new pages...(mostly appendix pages..ex: 160A)
So now my collection goes up to page 846 with an additional 344 appendix pages all throughout the categories. However, I think I still may be missing around a dozen pages.
I will be updating the index pdf files on the side bar of this blog accordingly when I get a few spare minutes to do so.

Here is what 1190 pages looks like.


  1. I down loaded the indexes and will send you the information I have if you keep making them. I find it like a puzzle to find the missing pages.
    David Paulson

  2. When are you going to continue the indexes? The ones so far are really useful, but there is an error - in the set I have, group 4 goes up to 210 at least. Another thing I have noticed, is that there seems to have been more than one printing. Although nothing on the inserts says anything about different editions, some of the plant names are different on the same inserts from different sets. There are also at least two different binder designs. Since this was out for so many years, I am not surprised that some minor changes were made over time.

    Thank you for spending so much time and effort typing out these files! I am not the only one who appreciates it around here, for sure.

  3. Thank-you for all your time and effort in preparing this index. The graditude is tripled in that you are so gracious with your time and investment of self. Paul Luther


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